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Week in review: Jobs cancer rumors spark Apple worries

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| Anthony Ha

Steve Jobs’ cancer clinic sighting sparks new Apple worries — Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is receiving treatment from the Stanford Cancer Center, according to reports in the tabloid National Enquirer and gossip website Radar Online. These aren’t terribly reliable sources, andJobs actually showed up at a dinner with President Obama on Thursday, but the rumors fed into the general uncertainty about Jobs’ health.

IBM’s Watson obliterates humans in first Jeopardy round — After tying for first place on Monday, IBM’s Watson supercomputer trounced its human competitors on Tuesday night in the conclusion of the first round of its Jeopardy challenge.

It’s alive: IBM’s Watson supercomputer defeats humans in final Jeopardy match — And Watson’s winning streak didn’t stop with the match mentioned above. It won the final round of the man vs. machine challenge on Wednesday.

Apple’s iPhone 5 may sport a 4-inch screen — In addition to releasing a smaller version of the iPhone, Apple is also looking to expand the screen on its full-size phone to 4 inches, according to unconfirmed reports.

Can Nexon make social games more engaging? (video) — Nexon has proven to be one of the fastest-growing online game companies of the past decade. Now the company is setting its sites on social games on Facebook and mobile games on tablets and smartphones as well.

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