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Sony’s Undead game console: PlayStation 2 sales hit 150M after 10 years

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| Dean Takahashi

The Sony PlayStation 2 launched way back in 2000. But it refuses to die. Sony said today it has shipped more than 150 million units worldwide.

After 10 years and 11 months, Sony hit the 150 million units (shipped into stores, not sold to consumers) milestone on Jan. 31. That’s a pretty big accomplishment, considering that Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in 2006 and that most buyers of new consoles have opted for the newer machine.

But it shows that older technologies are still fashionable in many parts of the world where the cost of new technology is prohibitive. In fact, it really isn’t such a crazy idea to make a game for the PlayStation 2. To date, some 10,828 titles have shipped on the PS 2 and more than 1.52 billion games have been sold for the PS 2.

The PS 2 had some eye-popping graphics for its day, and it introduced innovations such as the DualShock 2 vibrating controller, the EyeToy camera, and a bunch of cool games from God of War to Gran Turismo. The PS 2 was also the first home entertainment system to integrate DVD technology. At the time, people thought Sony was crazy. But the success of the PS 2 helped establish DVDs as the format of choice for movies for years to come.

The PS 2 is still selling strongly in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America.

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